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Automotive Consultation

  1. With our vast knowledge of the automotive market and options, we take cars seriously and understand how important they are to our clients. Schedule a phone call or sit down with us and let us aid you in your automotive selection.  The right decision is the only decision!

New Car Location Service

  1. Bullitt Proof is connected with all the major dealer networks and can take the new car buying experience to the next level. We take great pride in providing the fairest price while offering a pleasurable experience.

  2. Our stress-free approach combined with our automotive consultation ensures the right car and experience for you!

Specialty Car Location & Sales

  1. Whether you’re seeking a Porsche or a Ferrari or a Shelby, we are your source. Through our established network of private collectors, customers, and dealers/wholesalers, we source the finest cars in the country. And we will verify the history and condition of every car we purchase to the best of our ability.

  2. Whatever your dream car, if we don’t already have one in our nationwide inventory, we’ll do our best to locate it for you in a timely manner.


  1. Bullitt Proof Performance has an established reputation for taking care of the area’s most precious cars since 1994. Let us give yours the white glove treatment, too. Packages start at around $500.00.

Paint Protection Film

  1. Whether you have a classic or a new “hot off the showroom floor” car, help protect it with paint protection film! Specially designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of exterior automotive finishes, it is ideal for protecting high-wear areas from stone chipping, abrasion and most types of environmental damage.

  2. Virtually invisible and expertly installed, paint protection is OEM approved, removable, and will preserve the resale value of your dream car!

Bullitt Proof is dedicated to our customers in providing the specialty car sales, consignment, and location:

We Buy Cars, Too....

  1. Bullitt Proof offers the best buy numbers in the business. We are always looking to purchase great cars, so please consider us if you are looking to sell a specialty or sports car. We always pay up for the best and will be happy to supply an estimate pending an inspection.